Spring into Summer!

10 Things You Didn’t Know About Estes Park This Season.

Spring is finally here, which also means summer is near and the Rocky Mountains are awaiting your next adventure. Make the most of your trip at Fall River Village with our convenient location and modern amenities. Get a jump on summer planning and let the countdown to vacation begin.

1. Chasing waterfalls. Spring is waterfall season, when they are at their apex and Estes Park has the full gamut. Whether its a short hike to Alberta Falls, mild hike to Calypso Cascade or a more wild hike to Timberline Falls, there are plenty of waterfalls to chase!

2. Wildlife wakeup. Spring is elk calving season and when the wildlife come back out to play. You can spot the Big 5 – elk, deer, moose, bighorn sheep and bear, oh my! If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a mama with her young! Please be sure to keep a safe distance.

3. Top of the world drive. Trail Ridge Road opens annually around Memorial Day weekend allowing vacationers to see alpine tundra and once-in-a-lifetime views of the Continental Divide.

4. Prime fishing. Spring marks the beginning of angler season, when local waterways are at their highest. Hire a fly-fishing guide to learn a new skill. Or make the most of your fishing day with gear and tips from the experts.

5. Savor the snow. High altitude keeps snow longer, which means you could hike and snowshoe in the same day. In popular hikes such as Sky Pond or Emerald Lake, you can even find yourself taking a break to build a snowman!

6. Sneak up on peak season. Peak season in Estes Park is June 15th through August 15th. Sneak your next getaway in early (or late) to find great rates and beat the Rocky Mountain rush.

7. Culture clash. Town events start up with the great weather. Weekends are filled with arts and crafts, music and festivals. Check out the 2018 line up of Estes Park events.

8. Wildflowers blooming – Fall may be great for the changing aspen leaves, but the spring bloom is another natural wonder of Rocky Mountain National Park.

9. Bird’s the word – Bust out those binoculars or keep your eyes pealed to check out the diverse spring migrations. Mid-April is the best time to see seasonal flocks on your birder’s list.

10. Whitewater rafting – With the spring runoff, whitewater rafting roars in early June making for some thrilling class 3 rapids. Choose a local outfitter and make a day adventure you’ll be talking about all summer!








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