SkyView Announces Wedding Giveaway Winners

Love Story Winners Announced!

We so appreciated the opportunity to hear everyone’s fantastic love stories. Over the month of the January, we received a total of 257 giveaway submissions. It was by no means an easy decision!

Lindsey & Nathan’s Love Story

Our story began in high school, where we met in a night astronomy class. It’s funny how fate works; the timing of how we met was oddly coincidental; Nate had to make up a class before graduating, while the only semester that was available for me happened to be that same one. Nate and I began dating before senior year ended, but unfortunately, he left for basic training a month later to serve in the Army. Our communication was limited solely to handwritten letters. During the six months he was away, I was offered to play softball at a college that was seven hours away from home. I guess that’s why it’s called snail mail, because Nate found out my decision after I had already moved.

We have been tremendous troopers throughout the past five years, seeing each other only periodically. When we were together, we found ourselves participating in our favorite hobby: hiking. Whether its snowshoeing or escaping for a weekend backing trip, we always found a way to get to the mountains, which is where our love story continues.



In July 2017, we cruised to the Bahamas. I thought to myself: this is it, this is going to be the perfect time for Nate to propose. As our trip came to an end, however, I found myself disappointed and ballsy enough to ask Nate on the plane ride home why he threw away such a perfect opportunity to ask me to marry him. His response? “I need a ring first.”

Needless to say, I stopped mentally dreaming of our proposal. It made sense, maybe I was getting too ahead of myself, and he wasn’t ready to get married yet. A week later,
we had a trip planned to summit Mt. Bierstadt. We camped at the base of the mountain, and although it was pouring rain and freezing, we still managed to have the time of our lives.
Early the next morning, we set out on our hike. Although hiking a 14er is never easy, we found ourselves at ease in the serendipity of the mountains around us. Once we summited, neither of us have never felt more rewarded: whether it was a lack of oxygen or pure accomplishment,
we were on a high.

After sitting down at the summit to eat, Nate was sitting quietly to my right and I hear him softly say: “Hey, Lindsey?” I turn and find him on a knee, shaking slightly as he slowly raised an opened box that had a beautiful, diamond ring. This proposal is not as perfect as it sounds. Nor was it movie-worthy. The ring, which become loose in its box throughout our journey, began to fall. The overall moment had me speechless, and all I could do is point as I saw the ring plumage out of the box and down the mountain. He. Dropped. The. Ring.

Sure enough, Nate jumped after the ring, furiously rummaging through rocks as I still stood speechlessly at the top. After a minute or two of pure panic, he finally help the ring up, which was perfectly covered in dirt, and he sighed in relief: “Let me start over.”

Our proposal journey is not one of those perfect moments that every little girl dreams of or that you see on TV. It’s real. It’s raw. And holistically representative of life.
No matter how much you plan for the perfect outcome, life will constantly present you with challenges in which you need to overcome– and love is truly such a beautiful obstacle that we have learned to conquer as a team.

Congratulations Lindsey & Nathan – We can’t wait to host your wedding!!




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