Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, Lily MountainHiking in Rocky Mountain National Park

Estes Park is the basecamp of Rocky Mountain National Park. When it comes to hiking one’s heart out or sharing the love of the outdoors with the family and friends, look no further! There are countless trails to discover. Here are some of our favorites to help you make the most of your adventures hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park! (Distance by round trip).

Area Trails

Hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park, Emerald LakeEasy:

Adams Falls– 0.6 miles
Sprague Lake Loop – 0.9 miles


Bear, Dream and Emerald Lakes – 3.5 miles
Lily Mountain – 4 miles (Pet-friendly!)
Copeland, Cascade and Ouzel Falls – 5.4 miles


Twin Sisters Peak – 7 miles
Timberline Falls – 8.1 miles


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